Becoming a manager can be SOOO overwhelming!

It seems like you have been given MORE responsibility, MORE pressure to succeed, MORE tasks to complete... but you get LESS time.  This is why you MUST learn to delegate!

As a manager/leader one of the single most important things you can learn is to DELEGATE.  By delegating you are able to accomplish more, develop your team and build a stronger culture.  By the end of this course you will be able to know What, How and When to delegate. So "getcha kaffee" and let's get to work!   


Your perception 

  • My staff might fail or they may do it wrong
  • My team doesn't want the extra work
  • I don't have time to teach them
  • My boss will think I'm not doing my job

But in reality 

  • And? If they fail, you've let them learn!
  • They may want the extra work if they get extra authority
  • Think long term on this... Once you teach them they can run with it
  • Your boss knows there is other work you "should" be doing
I need this course in my life!

Delegation wasn't always easy for me!

Look at this kid?  This was me 15+ years ago.  I was a brand new bar manager.  I had had leadership roles at work, on school teams and in extra curricular activities but this was the first OFFICIALLY titled position.  I remember one of my first shifts as a bar manager... it was a really busy night.  I had bartenders starting their late shifts, a couple kegs that need to be changed,  some kitchen staff looking to checked out so they could start their "night life" night.  On top of that I had some people at the door asking to speak with the manager...

I was going to go crazy until my boss said "WTF are you doing? You are supposed to be managing not running this bar on your own!" This is when i learned the power and calming effect of delegation.  

Now I'm not saying that it was smooth sailing from that night... not at all! But that's where it started for me.  Since then I've gotten a handle on the who, what and how of delegation and that's why I've put together this mini-course.

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What students are saying

Meet Balint.  Balint was one of the first students in this course.  I was privileged to be able to pick his brain prior to creating this course. Balint seems to be a great leader but struggled with the idea of DELEGATING work to his team. He felt they already had their jobs assigned and their plates were full.  

After taking this course he realized that DELEGATION is a very important tool and something that can easily be implemented. Watch this video Balint sent and hear what he has to say in his own words.

Just jump on this deal!

Here’s what my student Ben has to say. “Just jump on this deal! The course is full of no nonsense sense on why you should delegate, what you should delegate and exactly how to do it. If you're new to leadership... actually doing the things Michael teaches in this course will help you get stuff done and give you more time to actually lead! Seriously. If you like Mike's YouTube vids, you'll love this course.”

Learn WHAT can be delegated

Some things can and some things can't be delegated. This will take time for you to learn but don't worry, I'll help you out

WHO should be given a task

Once you know what can be delegated you next need to figure out WHO it should be assigned to.   

HOW do you go about this?

We need to lay the groundwork first. Then we need clear communication and a way to track accountability

I've told you all the benefits you'll get when you take this course...

But let me ask you... What will you LOSE if you DON'T take it? Are you doing yourself justice? Are you going to work yourself too hard? Are you going to take unneeded stress home to your family? Are you depriving your staff of their own personal and professional development?

Does your boss think you are doing the job you're expected to do?

I can't answer these for you but I can provide you the opportunity to NOT need to figure it out the hard way!

I need help with delegation ASAP!

Who should purchase this course?

  • Newly appointed managers.
  • Recently promoted team leads.
  • Experienced leaders looking to refresh or expand their knowledge.
  • Managers who feel overwhelmed.
  • Students who lead any recreational programs at school.
  • Team captains.
  • Anyone who has direct reports under them!

What is covered in this course?

  • What stops you from delegating
  • what to do when tasks are delegated to you
  • what should you delegate
  • options for delegation
  • delegating to direct reports
  • delegating outside your chain of command
  • hiring outside help
  • laying the groundwork
  • communicating effectively 
  • accountability systems
  • what to do when mistakes are made
  • and more
Yes! this is what i need right now!

Free up YOUR time

Gives you the time and ability to focus on higher-level tasks

Help your team grow 

Gives others the ability to learn and develop new skills

Build employee trust

Develops trust between workers and improves communication

Purchase this course with 100% confidence...

knowing that you have a 14 day, satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t benefit from what I’ve promised, I will refund your money without issue! This is totally “no nonsense sense”. And I KNOW that makes sense!