$17.00 USD

+ The Ultimate Manager's Policy Pack

A productive workplace starts with having the right policies in place. My policy templates provide a comprehensive set of guidelines, from employee conduct and data management to remote work eligibility, that help establish clear expectations for all team members.

These include: employment policies; benefits packages; safety regulations; harassment prevention measures; as well as protocols on communication channels and social media use.

With these essentials covered you can feel confident your organization is running smoothly!

All for ONLY $9


The Ultimate Manager's Launch Pad

The Ultimate Manager's Launch Pad helps you reach your full potential as a leader. It includes templates to streamline meetings and projects, assess staff performance, plan employee development, market effectively, prioritize tasks, and manage employee onboarding/offboarding. It is the ultimate tool for successful management.

What you'll get:

  • 30 pre-made management templates and guides 
  • 15 custom email templates

The Ultimate Manager's Launch Pad is a collection of templates and resources to help new managers succeed. It includes tools to create job descriptions, set goals, and plan staff training. Additionally, it comes with 15 custom email templates for efficient communication. This package is designed to help new managers become the best leaders they can be.