is because you are trying to be someone you're not!  

That will NEVER work!  


I want to be an AUTHENTIC leader NOW!

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Instead of changing who you are... change what you KNOW by learning the Leadership Fundamentals


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Hey there, it's Mike. 

I want to ask you something: 

 Have you ever had someone in your life, who was trying to be someone they weren’t? 

Trying to talk louder,  

Or act in a way they just weren’t. 

Coming off as inauthentic.

Unfortunately, most people believe becoming a leader is all about bossing people around and talking loudly.  

Or acting how they think a leader is supposed to act.

You see people can always tell when other people are acting inauthentically around them.  

Eventually, you feel exhausted or the mask falls and they see you for who you are.

I’m Going To Show You How To Authentically, And Effortlessly Become A Great Leader In Just 30 Days.

 I truly believe, that just about anyone can become a great leader. 

 Everyone has leadership inside them, 

 It’s just about unlocking your leadership style and bringing it to the surface. 

The Fundamentals of Leadership, combined with your unique personality, is your personal blueprint for success in your workplace and personal life.

 Especially When it comes to leading and being a more caring person that people trust and respect.


I'm ready to become a better leader TODAY!

Here’s Just How Powerful 30-Day Leadership Bootcamp Is:


  • Unlocks Your True Qualities And Colors Of Leadership. Already Within You.


  • Gets You Instantly Leading With Effect In Your Workplace And Personal Life Through Authentic Communication.


  • Helps You Discover Your Authentic Communication “Sweet spot”. With Your Personality And Leadership Qualities.


  • Makes People Naturally Trust You, And Start Putting You In Positions Of Power Without Even Realizing It.


  • Makes People Start Feeling At Ease Around You Without Any effort.

Introducing The 30 Day Leadership Bootcamp.

The Leadership Fundamentals Training Program!


 This program contains the most impactful fundamentals over my years in leadership, boiled down into just 30 simple ideas.  

When I was creating this program I didn’t want to overload people with years of content that wasn't absolutely necessary in creating strong leadership. 

 I wanted to refine everything down to the core of what you need. To make a radical transformation in your personal and professional life.  

This program is designed to remove years of trial and error. Or copying other people’s leadership styles (or lack thereof).  

Immediately start developing, honing, and cultivating your leadership style and personality in just 30 days.  

Once you start listening to, and unlocking these qualities within you, your leadership style will naturally start coming to the surface in your personal and professional life.  

You will start speaking, thinking, and acting in a more authentic manner and with a greater quality of leadership.


30 Leadership Fundamentals In 30 Days, That’s All It Takes.


Leadership doesn't take years to learn.


Learning to embody the Fundamentals of Leadership takes little effort. And the people I’ve shown this to have picked it up incredibly quickly.

Is not about changing your entire personality.  

It’s about taking a new Fundamental of Leadership every day, embodying it, and then moving on to a new one the next day for 30 days. 

After 30 days, you will have ingrained, embodied on internalized all the fundamentals of leadership into your personality. 

Allowing you to become a far bigger and better leader with almost no effort. 

All the lessons I’ll be sharing are incredibly short. Only 4 to 7 minutes long.

Listen to them on your way to work, running out of the house or in your car, or on the daily commute.

I specifically made these lessons short so you could quickly and easily learn the lesson and ingrain it throughout the day.



Listen To Them Again, And Again.


I’ve always found that the best way to learn anything is to go over it again and again until I deeply internalized and understood the lessons.

 That’s why I built this program so you can quickly and easily come back again and again.

 So you can deeply internalize everything you need to become an exceptional leader in your life.

Finding new nuggets of wisdom every time you come by.

 You can listen to this entire program in just a few hours. I want you to be able to easily go back over the content so you can leave no stone unturned.

 So you can truly embody the qualities of leadership.

Here’s A Preview Of Some Of The Leadership Bootcamp Trainings Modules.

  • How to always make sure you are approachable.
  • The best way to be calm and collected in every situation.
  • Using humility to cultivate respect.
  • Building a sense of well-being in your relationships.
  • How to use flexibility in the right situation.
  • How to make them feel deeply Listened to and heard.
  • How to easily find and cultivate your style.
  • How to get people to open up and trust you.
  • How to push comfort zones without breaking your team.
  • The best way to make people feel deeply appreciated.
  • Raising your team's standards, so everything gets easier.
  • How to find the power to step up and step in for every situation.
  • Learning to foster and develop feedback.
  • How to cultivate your team's priorities.
  • The right way to develop interest and rapport easily.
  • Creating breakthroughs in your team.
  • How to easily bring about change in your environment.
  • The only way to deal with difficult times.
  • How to automatically command respect without being aggressive.
  • Learning to get people to follow through by leading through example.
  • How to easily win people over and gain respect.
  • The best way to get your team invested and engaged with the process as a motivated team.
  • And More…

These Leadership Fundamentals Took Me My Entire Career To Learn.


I really want this program to get into the hands of as many people as possible. 

I know how navigating your career without an understanding of leadership will really sets you back. 

I’ve seen it happen to too many people, good, smart, well-intentioned people. 

People who were constantly overlooked due to a lack of leadership aptitude from their management. 

I don’t want anyone to be overlooked for getting into a leadership role. 

That's why I created this program, I am tired of people not getting the life, raise and promotion they truly deserve simply because of a lack knowledge. 

You see that's why, when I wanted to create this program,

I didn’t want to charge a fortune.

 I wanted to create a program that will get people’s lives changing quickly. 

When I was thinking about how much this course should cost.


I didn’t know what to do.


I believe so highly in the life-changing effects of this course.

And I wanted to get this course into as many hands as possible. 

People were telling me to sell it for at least $1000.

Some told me to price it even higher.

But to be honest I didn’t want to do that.


So I decided to drop the price and make this product a completely “no brainer” easy decision to make.

So when you enrol in The 30 Day Leadership Fundamentals Training today… you’re NOT going to have to pay $1000.


You're not going to pay anywhere close to that!

In fact, for the moment… You can enrol in The 30 Day Leadership Fundaments Training for only…







The 30 Day Leadership Fundamentals program will only be:


$197 Today!


I'm ready to join the Bootcamp

On Top Of This, I Will Also Give You My Top Leadership Delegation Course. Completely Free!


There are two ways to approach leadership.  

One is internal, the second is the skill set of managing and delegating.  

Together they create true leadership.  

This program is designed to absolutely transform you internally into feeling, acting, and being a leader.  

The second part of leadership is learning to delegate to your team.  

I will give you my premium delegation course, which will show you step by step how to delegate to your team like a true leader.

I'm ready to join the Bootcamp! AND... get the Delegation 101 course too!

30 Day Leadership Fundaments Combined With My Delegation 101 Course is the ultimate start! Here is the guide to getting your leadership right!


Here Is Everything Included In Delegation 101:



How To Think And Operate Like An Effective Leader: 

The Real Reason Behind What’s Been Stopping You Delegating.

How To Dial In Your Operations.

What Tasks You Absolutely Need To Delegate.


Options For Delegation - Building Your Operations:

How to Effectively get a “quick pulse” on your team from direct reports.            

Defining your chain of command and how to delegate outside of it.            

How to quickly get and hire outside help.


Laying the groundwork:

What communicating effectively is all about.

How to create simple accountability systems that help you relax and reduce stress.

What to do when mistakes are made with your team and how to provide feedback to improve your operations.


I want to join the Bootcamp NOW!

Here’s My Personal Guarantee For The 30 Day Leadership Fundamentals.


I deeply believe in the power of this course.

 I truly do.

 I truly believe that this program works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who are committed and do the work.

If you are committed, I guarantee you, this program will absolutely work for you. 

You will quickly develop the internal qualities of leadership. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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If you are questioning if this Bootcamp is for you, allow me to make this SUPER easy! I will give you a 10 day money back guarantee. Meaning, if for ANY reason you feel that the first 10 Leadership Fundamentals aren't as valuable as I believe they are, I will give you 100% of your money back.

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Today Is The Day You Decide.


I’ve done all the hard work for you.  

I’ve taken my decades of hard work and combined them into two exceptional online programs.  

One focusing on you developing and strengthening your inner leader. And the other on learning the real soft skill of leadership delegation.  

These courses combine everything you need to let your leadership truly take off! 

Everything you need, is inside these courses.  

I want to get this course out to as many people as possible, while also keeping the price reasonable so people will actually take the material seriously.  

This course will change everything for you I guarantee it.  

The material in this course, has already transformed the lives of a lot of my top students. And I want you to experience the same thing.  

The content in these courses is truly transformational and I absolutely want you to create a massive change in your life from it.

 I really want to remind you, don’t waste years getting overlooked in your career. Use these courses to take your life and career to the next level.  

You truly deserve it.  

Don’t waste another second and I’ll see you on the other side.


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