How to make important decisions with confidence.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or looking for ways to take it up a notch, there is more than one thing that can be learned from Mike. He discusses the importance of decisions and how they influence not only our careers but also life as a whole.

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Jennifer O’Keefe

Thank you for helping me realize over the last year that I can do this. I may have been too nervous otherwise.

Mike Phillips

You have a genuine, direct, and non-nonsense approach to your presentation and your direction of others. I always have takeaways, sometimes small reminders of things I have forgotten in a unique way, and sometimes really good new direction.

Devin Paxton 

Mike, I love your content and I actively listen to you on the weekly. I find your knowledge to be very helpful especially during these hard times.

Lisa M.

I love the tips for new managers. I listened to you when I got my first team leader role 12 months ago. In 2 weeks I start my first management role. Listened and took your advice on board. Thank you. You're my go to when I have a query.