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On this site as well as on my YouTube channel I help NEW managers become BETTER leaders.  And you may already know... I do that with No Nonsense sense... if that makes sense.


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Hop on a Zoom call with me where we'll spend time together to help you walk through a situation(s) you have as a manager/leader or one you have coming up. Basically anything goes.

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On my channel I have multiple How-to videos.  I answer subscriber questions and periodically do LIVE streams.  Basically if you put the time into watching every video on the channel you will get much more "real life" value than any MBA program you can enrol in!

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Here you will find a library of courses that managers and leaders NEED to know.  I break down topics like "delegation" and "Management 101" into direct, mini-courses where you really learn the fundamentals without any fluff.  Consider enrolling TODAY! 

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I have been called "refreshingly informal" and it was an amazing compliment!

Sometimes we have situations that happen at work which are really hard to figure out on our own... We can't tell our staff, we may not want to look silly in-front of our boss, our family has no clue or no interest in hearing about our troubles... BUT... Mike is all ears.  This isn't a therapy session, this is real world thoughts and advise.  Real talk about the potential consequences you may encounter.  Book a time to chat with Mike and get back to enjoying your work!

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Fliegende Wolke

"I am not even a manager, but i like your videos, because they make me think and because you seem like a cool guy"

Blake Pusztai

"Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your wisdom here because empowerment is something I'm learning to develop.  Kudos!"


"I absolutely love this channel because it's so helpful to people like myself. And on top of it all, it's loaded with humour as well. I always get a good laugh!"

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