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Have you ever wondered how someone believed in your skills enough to put their trust and confidence in you?

It's no surprise that leading a team is hard, especially when it feels like there’s nobody to guide or mentor you along. If this sounds familiar, I know exactly what situation you're in - but don't fear! You've taken an important first step towards becoming a competent, confident, leader; recognizing where help and support are needed.


Hey, I'm Mike. 

And the truth is, I've been in the same situation as you! On the cusp of my first leadership role - filled with excitement yet terrified I'd let everyone down.

That's where people-pleasing tendencies kicked in and kept me quiet. I was afraid my inexperience would be discovered if I spoke up too much...which resulted in many instances where others walk all over me!

Now, luckily my boss provided an insightful wakeup call for me - she challenged me to rise above my lack of confidence and reach a higher level of leadership. She encouraged me to tap into who I really was and leverage the strengths, courage, and tenacity that were always inside. It was time for "Mike the leader" to shine! (I know, cheesy... but true).

She knew I had untapped potential, and wanted me to reach it even if that meant tough love. Through personal development rather than “management skills”, she empowered me with self-awareness and faith in my own decisions - allowing me the confidence to show up as a confident leader full of generosity and empathy.

With a mission of respect, motivation and fun in mind, I was able to go from leading a small restaurant staff to leading a team of skilled employees in the baggage system of an International Airport. Not only did my decisions as the leader have far reaching effects across the company - they also inspired others within our own ranks to take on more responsibility and serve up new opportunities for themselves.

Believe it or not, having someone who believed in me and kept pushing was the key to unlocking my potential.

That's why I'm now on a mission: To be that mentor for you so that together we can break down your own barriers and open up new possibilities!

My life - and work - is guided by 3 principles:

Keep things simple, show compassion and kindness for others, take ownership of my actions - all while having a little fun!


Keep Things Simple

If you want to achieve successful leadership, it pays to keep things easy and uncomplicated. Complex approaches often lead only to complications - an effective leader knows that if you want big wins, start from small steps!

Compassion and Kindness

To get ahead in the leadership game, it takes more than just skill - true success comes with a heavy dose of empathy. By understanding people and their needs first, you'll be well equipped to blaze your own trail towards greatness!

Taking Ownership

Success in leadership isn't just about taking charge - it's owning up to your own mistakes and holding those around you responsible for theirs. With the right attitude, there'll be no stopping you!

I'm totally humbled

That my passion for what I do has been noticed by 1000's on YouTube. And just as cool, picked up by the media! Check out this awesome coverage.

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