Hello, my name is Mike.

I have been a leader for almost 20 years and I help people become better leaders too. Some people might know me from YouTube, where I have 28,000+ subscribers and over 1,500,000 views.

Or maybe they saw me on The Dr. Phil show. I was also quoted in Forbes recently.

However you got here, I'm glad you found me!

What others are saying about

Leadership with Mike

Nita Brozowski

I just discovered your video after having had made a minor mistake at work yesterday. I love your style, I like all the advice you’re giving. Very relevant, and very useful. Subscribed!

Jason R

I took the Bootcamp course which was helpful, but what was really awesome was your video responses to a few of my questions. Your videos helped me become more confident when I rejoined the management world.

Sylvia Richards

Thank you very much mike I so enjoy your no nonsense approach.User friendly and peppered with humour honest and honest. Love it! Keep it up if this makes any sense

Devin Paxton 

Mike, I love your videos and I actively listen to you on the weekly. I find your knowledge to be very helpful especially during these hard times.

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