Are you uncomfortable when you think about disciplining an employee?


Some conversations can be harder than others. If you are a leader, this means that you will have difficult conversations at some point.

With this FREE guide, you will learn 6 simple steps to make difficult conversations easier.


Handle difficult conversations with ease.

Think of a conversation you've been putting off. With this guide you will be ready to address it head-on!

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Lina Soto Thomas

"I've always found value in your practical approach to being a leader and/or manager. You don't just go for 'hype' like some other leadership speakers do. You encourage us to accept our flaws, learn from our mistakes and still keep moving forward to grow and be better every day. I wanted to listen and learn from you because I heard your authenticity and I appreciate that about you."


I loved the tips for new managers. I listened to it when I got my first team leader role 12 months ago. In 2 weeks I start my first management role. Listened and took your advice on board. Thank you. You're my go to when I have a query

Michael Biesemeyer

"Mike, your channel combines years of real world leadership experience with a clear dedication to studying the craft, making your content both approachable and practical. You're also on point with production quality (lighting, editing, sound, etc.) and engaging on camera, making your videos even more valuable. You're the real deal!"