3 ways to manage stress at work

Apr 08, 2022

Are you pulling your hair out because of stress? We can have stress in our personal and professional lives. Stress can affect people in different ways.  Below are 3 ways to manage your work stress. For more ways to manage go listen to the podcast.


  • Stay organized – One way to minimize stress is to declutter and organize your workspace. This means NOT having paper and files all over your desk, this means creating folder on your desktop computer. It’s basically as simple as knowing EVERYTHING has a place and… wait for it, putting it in that place. When you have an organized work environment you can then have organized thoughts.


  • Get comfortable – If your body is stress then your mind is stressed which means YOU are stressed. You spend a lot of your life at work, I know, don’t remind you… but it’s true. So, invest in some creature comforts. Get yourself a great chair. I can’t recommend Herman Miller enough. They make amazing chairs (not sponsored). Get yourself a sit/stand desk to change up your position throughout the day. Also consider noise cancelling headphones. Get yourself some peace and quiet.


  • Walk it off – on your lunch, instead of learning the office gossip (which is stressful in itself) go for a walk. Get some fresh air and a fresh perspective for the rest of your day.


Everywhere you turn there is an opportunity to get stressed. They are easy to find.  Instead MAKE opportunities for you to de-stress.  Life is to be enjoyed. Make it so.


Check the podcast for more stress solutions.



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