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Being laid off is NOT your fault BUT… what happens next IS!

Mar 25, 2022

We’ve all heard about how some big companies are doing some big layoffs.  Not only have they done some big layoffs, but they’ve done it in the most heartless way.

So, let’s get something out of the way. Getting laid off absolutely SUCKS! It can be devastating when you first find out and for some time after. You will most likely feel loss. Whether you liked your job or not you will feel like your heart has been ripped out. It hurts.

What can we do though?

This is what you need to do:

  • Never be surprised. Assume that at some point you will be laid off. This helps you plan accordingly
  • Start or continue your education. Just because you have a job does not mean that you should stop learning. Learning is what will make you “un-unemployable” if that’s a thing.
  • Network with purpose. Continue to build your network. Provide value and friendship with people. Should you get laid off, your network will quickly help you back up on your feet.
  • Always be looking. If you see an opportunity, take it. Don’t sit in a job because you are comfortable. Actively pay attention to what is out there for you.


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