Can you “over-apply” for internal promotions?

Apr 29, 2022

I recently had a Member of my Leadership Academy ask me if he should apply to a job posting.  The concern he had was that a few months prior, he already applied to this internal posting.


Would it look silly of him to reapply? Would the interviewer not reach out to him if they like their last interaction? He still didn’t have “management experience” which he was told was his only shortcoming for the last opportunity.


Here’s what I told him and what you should consider.


  • YOU are not as important to strangers as you think. We sometimes think that what we remember is what others will remember. You applying for a job or promotion is a big deal to you. But for the hiring manager it’s just another day in the office.


  • Never hesitate to put yourself out there. So what if the hiring manager didn’t want you before. Situations change. Company plans/directions change… allow for these changes and don’t limit your chances with negative self-talk.


  • Don’t let your lack of “management experience” be the problem. Have stories and examples of LEADERSHIP. That’s what they are really looking for anyway! Being a manager is a title someone can give or take away from you. Being a leader is YOURS.


If there is a job you want, go for it. If you’ve been turned down, DO NOT let that stop you!


For a more in-depth answer, go listen to this week’s podcast.


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