How to manage older employees when you are the new, younger manager.

Feb 04, 2022

So, you’re the new guy or gal on the job. You are thrilled to be taking on this leadership role but there is 1 problem… You have some staff who are way older than you and/or are WAY more experienced in the field than you.


What do we do?


First, remain humble.  You may be very excited, and you should be BUT don’t forget that you are new here and have a lot to learn about the new job and its people.  The senior staff can truly be an asset.


Learn what the day looks like.  Do people come in and quickly get to work or is there a little chit chat as people get set up for the day.  You may be rip-raring to but take notice of the morning rituals. 


Before you think of ANY changes put in the time to learn what is going on.  I wouldn’t change much in the first 90 days.  Come in, talk to people, get an understanding of who does what and why.


Find some allies.  There are always going to be employees that will easily accept you and have clout withing the group.  Get to know them, let them know you.  Soon you may be able to gain their help with others.


Don’t let them push you around.  Understand when you come in as the new guy, there will inevitably be some that try to test you. Stand your ground… don’t get defensive but also don’t cower!


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