How to Manage the Unmanageable

Dec 12, 2022

Working with difficult employees can be a challenge for even the most experienced manager. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when dealing with a difficult employee, but there are some strategies that managers can use to help manage these difficult employees and keep morale up in the office. Let’s discuss how managers can work with difficult employees. 

Understand the Situation 

It’s important for managers to understand why an employee is behaving in a certain way before attempting to manage them. Is it because they don’t understand expectations? Do they have trouble getting along with co-workers? Are they having a personal issue outside of the workplace that is affecting their performance? Try to think of ways you might be able to help them overcome these issues and provide them with additional support or resources if needed. This could mean providing extra training or giving them additional time off so they can work through their problem on their own time. 

Set Clear Expectations 

When it comes to dealing with difficult employees, setting clear expectations is key. Make sure your expectations are communicated clearly and give your employee ample opportunity to meet them. Provide deadlines for tasks and make sure you follow up regularly with check-ins so you both know how everyone is doing and what needs to be done next. If expectations are not met, give specific feedback as well as suggestions on how your employee can improve going forward. 

Give Positive Feedback 

One of the best ways to motivate any team member—difficult or not—is by providing positive feedback when it is due. Acknowledge their successes and praise them for hard work whenever possible. This will help build trust between you and your employee, which can go a long way toward helping them succeed in the workplace. It also helps create an environment where everyone feels appreciated, which can have a positive impact on morale in the office overall.

Although difficult employees can be frustrating and challenging to manage, with a bit of understanding and effort, it’s possible to turn them into valuable assets for the team. By setting clear expectations, providing positive feedback when appropriate, and staying patient, managers can learn how to effectively manage difficult employees in order to maintain morale in the workplace. If you’re looking for more help managing difficult employees, be sure to download my free PDF guide on the subject! It includes tips and strategies that will help you become a better manager—and ultimately make your team more successful.

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