How to manage your manager.

Feb 11, 2022

Sometimes we as leaders think we just need to manage our teams well and the day will be great. Sometimes we don’t think there will come a moment where we need to manage our managers or what some call “managing up”. But here we are and that’s what we'll chat about today.


Why do you want to manage up? To get your boss out of your business of course lol… but seriously, if you want to gain their trust, support, respect, if you want to advance your career or just enjoy your current position more… it all comes down to managing up. 

But how? Easy

-       Be honest with them

-       Communicate with them clearly

-       Understand their goals and motivations

-       Be a calm head when they stress

-       Help solve problems for them

-       Share your knowledge with them

-       Be kind

-       Do your actual job well


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