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How your social accounts are killing your career opportunities.

Mar 04, 2022

When you apply to a new job or a promotion, you will submit your resume and cover letter.  This has everything that you believe the hiring manager would want to see.  You sit back feeling confident that you’ve provided the best view of yourself.  Problem is you left the backdoor unlocked!


If you are posting on social media (who isn’t?) you may have just given the hiring manager a new angle the toss out your application.


Whether you think this is right or not, professional, or not, is irrelevant.  I believe that more often than not your hiring manager will be taking your first name and last name and seeing who you “really” are.  If the company is looking for someone who is responsible, acts mature and will uphold the company image, do you think pictures of you all over Facebook getting drunk and crazy will make them want to hire you?


Companies want the best people.  They want people who can best represent the company. If they Google your name and the only thing that comes up is a party animal, constantly showing images of drinking, smoking trees etc. this may not help your job search.  You may say that doesn’t define you, that you are a fun person, that they are overreaching... I agree. BUT I don’t think that changes anything.


I would advise you to make sure you don’t leave your accounts open. Let friends or friends of friends see your profiles but no one else.  Make it harder to find “silly” pics of you.  Let profile pics look a little more professional or at least in alignment with the companies you want to work for.


This way of screening is not an “official” process, but I promise that its being used so just be prepared for what can be found on you. 


Google yourself, if you don’t like what you find start to make changes… if you do like what you find then carry on my friend!


Check the Podcast to hear a personal experience that triggered this idea.




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