Refreshingly Informal Keynote Speaker 

If you've had the chance to hear Mike speak on Management and Leadership, then you already know what he's about. For those who are unfamiliar, Mike approaches leadership and management with No Nonsense Sense... meaning that Mike speaks in a very down to earth manner. Mike has the unique ability to take the complexities of Management and make them simple and enjoyable.

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Regardless of the audience size or experience level...

You will want someone who can speak and connect with each and every person in attendance.  Mike has spoken to audience sizes of a couple dozen to being on the international stage of The Dr. Phil Show where he shared his message with an audience of over 2.9 million viewers.

Featured topics

Mike is able to speak on the following topics:

- How to speak to your team with CONFIDENCE

- Overcoming imposter syndrome

- How to earn the trust and respect of your team

- how to transition from a Manager to a Leader

and much more.  

Mike is also able to custom tailer a Keynote for you and your teams unique needs!